Generative Art on the Solana Blockchain

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What is ayahuasca art?

Ayahuasca Art is a unique collection of 100 randomly generated artworks inspired by the ancestral Amazon ritual. Each instance explores an abstract composition of curves, motion, and colors living on the Solana blockchain.


  • 01 Pre Launch

    • Generate NFT collection. ✅
    • Launch marketing website. ✅
    • Announce special perks for early supporters. ✅
    • Pre-approved by marketplace. ✅
  • 02 Launch Day

    • Deploy minting website for pre-sale and public launch. ✅
    • Release interactive gallery view for each minted NFT. ✅
    • List Ayahuasca Art collection on secondary marketplaces. ✅
  • 03 Post Launch

    • Collaborations with our favourite generative art artists.
    • Early access to the art gallery platform for Ayahuasca Art holders.
    • Continue the growth of the platform and community.


How many collectibles?


What was the price of minting?

0.5 SOL

Which secondary markets are you listed on?

Now our collection is available on Magic Eden and Exchange Art .

When was the launch date?

12 Dec, Sunday 17:00 UTC

Which charities are being donated to?

10% of net proceeds of the mint sale will go to charity.